Empowering Minneapolis Youth, Families, Individuals, and Our Community


We provide inclusive therapy and teach individuals and families the skills to navigate and transition through life's phases.

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Our Mission

To Empower individuals and families to successfully transition through various phases in life while maintaining the ability to function effectively and as independently as possible. Empower strives to create a supportive environment in which to teach skills to navigate through life's transitions while empowering individuals to take a proactive role in their lives.

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Our Services

Empower specializes in providing inclusive services to diverse populations who are experiencing multiple life stressors. Most of our work is done in the context of relationships and the family. High percentages of families are of African American, Native African, and Native American descent.


Family Services

Marriage and couples therapy, in-home family therapy, or pre- and post-adoption support for adoptive parents empowers your family to grow and develop a deeper relationship with a safe environment and open communication.


TRaining Services

Relational-based training for non-profits, corporations, and county agencies. What is relational based training? Diversity and inclusiveness training, motivational training, and teamwork training to help you empower your employees.

Individual Services

Find a more effective way of functioning in life. Our specialties for individual therapy include growth work for achieving your goals and increasing your ability to cope with life's ups and downs. We have a culturally sensitive approach to addressing clients' needs.



Transform in the context of community. Supportive, skill-building groups offer progress and healing. From problem solving and independent living skills, we help you navigate and work through life's most difficult transitions.


August 2017

Empower therapy is more interactive; it builds you up, so you can move forward and overcome your challenges.

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Our Team

We embrace a culturally sensitive approach to addressing the needs of our clients. Our therapeutic approach empowers you to take an active role in increasing your ability to cope with life’s up’s and downs. You’re in a safe space with our licensed mental health professionals and mental health practitioners.

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